present | 09.11.2021

Wine & spirits top 100

Wine & Spirits Magazine announces the Top 100 Wineries of 2021, featured in the 35th Annual Buying Guide. Our Reguengo de Melgaço wine is in place 94.

Every year, Wine & Spirits tastes thousands of wines through an exclusive blind tasting process, and from these tastings, the editors select the 100 best wineries of the year. From Burgundy in central France to Margaret River in Western Australia, these awards highlight outstanding wine portfolios.

This 16th century property belonged to the Portuguese royal family; today it is a small hotel with a vineyard, planted by the Cardadeiro family after acquiring the property in the 1990s. Its 18.5 hectares of alvarinho grow on granite sands above the Minho, producing wine in a consistent and exceptional way.

2019 starts with fleshy pear flavors, adding the astringent touch of grape skins before the tension slowly breaks out to spicy. There is smoke, like the buttery richness of smoked sable, eliminated by the acidity's salt and cucumber notes, which linger in delicate layers of alvarinho flavor.

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